Monday, July 17, 2006



Sunday, April 30, 2006

April's Aftermath

Just before this month ends, i'll make sure that i'll make a mark. Lots of things happened this month. Lets see if i can remember each significant thing that happened to me this month.

SPL Manila commended my achievements last year. As a highlight they gave an increase (cant disclose the amount hehehe) and a promotion, which means they are expecting me to work harder and perform the new role that they gave me. (Which i'll do! Aja!)

I was able to had a break from work, since there was a long week off from work this month. (I needed that!). I consider this a very significant event, not only that it was the holy week season, but i was able to spend time with my parents, kuyas, ates and Pamangkins! (ubos allowance ko, pero oks lang minsan lang naman).

And before the month ended, we had a company outing in Verde Island in Batangas. Better than nothing, since my Boracay was cancelled, i think this will do. I enjoyed the two days get away. Got tan from the sun. I also got an injury from one event i performed during the Team building event. As of now my feet is still sweeling and hurts a bit. Cant walk normally. Aside from having a sweeling feet, i also lost the First Poker of All Poker Tournament. We'll thats life, i'll just do better next time. Good thing my team, Barangay Paquiao, emerged as the over all champion in the 2006 SPL Teambuilding!. (suddenly nostalgic: that reminds me last year i was also a member of the over all winner of 2005 SPL Teambuilding, i consider myself a champion for two straight years hehehe!)... as a prize. my Barangay have won a Team Lunch out worth 5,000.... pesos... (wish ko lang dollars) hehehe

*video site courtesy of Au. video created by Melvin

Less than 4 hours from now its already my birth month. And 18 more days its my birthday already. I'll add one more year on my age. I have to get used to answering back "24 years old po" whenever they'll ask for my age. Ti'll that day, ill be looking forward to many things to happen on my last 18 days in being a 23 year old man.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

it Ends and it Begins

and I leave. After a week of struggles to finish my pending tasks, finally i get to relax. Go home early. And just take things slow. Im suppose to go home early today in Antipolo, but i have to do some stuffs first, like, do some laundry and clean my room that i wasnt able to pay attention for a week.

and I start. After finishing my pending tasks on my previous project, I already started working on my next project. Previously i was working for Americas, now I am working for Europe-Middle East Asia projects. I'm looking forward for more challenging roles here as I had in Americas.

and I begin (again). This week i had my weigh in again. Last week i was 133.6 lbs, I barely gain something from my last last weeks weigh in and now Im 3 lbs heavier, meaning I weigh in 136.6 lbs. Also i was suppose to take my second body measurement but because of some incident, my fafa instructor had to suspend it and do the measurement next week's training.

and I start, i started to miss someone and i know that its my fault that i miss her. Not talking to her, makes me think that I can hear her laughter

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Almost Se7en Days

If not for Monday sick leave, i would have worked everyday of this week. Yeah today is sunday and I'm here in the office, working.

I started the week with an aching body, its so painful that it made me stayed in the house to recuperate. Tuesday, it was when i reported again for work, got so many things to do. Very busy. At night i went to the gym for my regular training and for my weekly meeting with the sexy nutritionist. Last week I weigh in 133.2 lbs, this week I gain only 0.4 lbs, so that gives me 136.6 lbs. Not much as compare to what i gain last week. Got to work harder for my next weigh in. Wednesday I got a news from my boss in Virginia that this will be my last week in my current project and that ill be joining a new one, hence i need to finish all my pending task this week. So from Wednesday till now am still busy finishing all my pending task. But I think because of some factors and the load of my pending task, I will not be able to finish everything this week.

Sigh! I just hope that next week everything will light up. Looking forward for my next se7en days!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Fear of lossing this week!

Sh*t! (that's a nice word to start). I lost track of my diet this week. I suddenly i am loosing my appetite! dam**t!... I know some people here are laughing right now and praying that i loose more weight rather than gain (you evil persons, its not yet over.. you two will see!!!)... This coming tuesday ill be weighing myself again.. i dunno what will be my weight!!!... (am so conscious! hehehehe)

Anyway... summer is just around the corner... and my Boracay plans are slowly disappearing. Hayaan mo na nga! I'll just conquer Verde Island (Tama ba?)! Wait for me...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Aching Body

This week, i reactived by frozen account in a gym here in makati. But aside from just activating it, I decided to get myself a fafa Trainor (right Allan?).. I thought that since am already paying for the monthly gym fee and nothing is happening, why not get myself a fafa trainor so they could train me better and develop my small body even if they cost so much ( da*m my savings is almost drained!)...

And so i started having my first session last Thursday, and my fafa trainor measured mah body. Here's my measurements:

Weight : 130 lbs
Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Biceps Right: 9.5 inch; Left: 9.5 inch
Thighs Right: 19.5 inch; Left: 19.5 inch
Legs Right: 13 inch; Left: 13 inch
Waist: 31 inch
Chest 33.5 inch

I will have a 24 session training with my fafa trainor. So far i already had two. Aside from getting a fafa trainor, by monday i'll be getting a sexy nutriotionist so i'll have a guide in my daily meal. (whew!, another money out of my wallet!). My sexy nutriotionist gave a brief idea as to what i should expect on the program that she'll give by monday (by the way i told by sexy nutriotionist that i want to gain weight and tone my muscles):

In my Height of 5'7 1/2" the ideal body weight is:
Min: 128 lbs
Ideal: 141 lbs
Max: 158 lbs

For me to achieve the 141 lbs I need to consume an everyday total of 2740 kcal (calories!). Where in the h*ll will i get that much calories, am so lazy eating (sigh!). But i have to condition myself, and achieve my body goal. By the way my body goal measurement for the first month are as follows:

Weight : 140 lbs (+10 lbs)
Height: 5' 7 1/2"
Biceps Right: 10.5 inch; Left: 10.5 inch (+1 inch each)
Thighs Right: 20.5 inch; Left: 20.5 inch (+1 inch each)
Legs Right: 13.5 inch; Left: 13.5 inch (+.5 inch each)
Waist: 30 inch (-1 inch)
Chest 34.5 inch (+1 inch)

Sigh! its not easy to grow a body. So far things are sweaty and aching!!!!

But i have to prepare for the Two "pustahan" (bets) that i engage myself with.

This two are my motivations to achieve my goals (i just hope that i will always be motivated!)

Monday, January 23, 2006

Things just got bigger

What a title?!? hahaha actually i just couldnt make my mind as to what i should write.

My fist official post for 2006. This what i hate about writing, starting the things you want to say. You want to say all the things in your mind, but its too many that they clog your thoughts and you end up confused as to what to write. Honestly sometimes i get too tired of writing things. Just wondering if there is a machine that can read thoughts as they are and just write them instantly in my blog, i bet that would be cool.

I should write something here. I know jeng wants to read something here (hehehe right jeng?).. and i bet josh would want to read my new post, as he would always want to read it and keep himself posted, like a telenovela (are you for real josh?). What's a good topic?!?!

Next time na nga lang! hehehe (Tamad tamad! :D)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Year End Report!!!

Sigh!..... Another year will pass by...a new calendar will pop on my room's wall... another set of new year resolution to keep in mind (that i always forget whenever January is over)... and i guess more things to come...

Year 2005 was generally a good year for me. A lot of great things happened for me this year and some few bad things that must be put aside as they would say, "things that make's us move on"...

Financially i was stable this year. I had some earnings that i was able to save and few debts to pay(dahil sa credit card!!!)...

Career, well i'm still enjoying my work here in SPL. I was able to get bigger roles and responsibilities as the second half of the year comes by... (sana may maganda result ito by next year hihihi).

Travel was my biggest break this year. I was very fortunate to be included in the list of developers on one of the onsite development in Atlanta Georgia, USA. I gained alot of experiences during my two months of stay there. Likewise it gave me the chance to visit other states in the US such as Tennessee and Florida.

Love and Relationship (hahahaha!!!), full of hopes!!! (hope na naman!).. nothing for me this year!!! well its ok lang naman (plastik!).. not rushing (who am i kidding???)... single for the entire year (torpe kasi!!!)... had a crush (actually medyo marami :D)... had a stalker (katakot!!! maniwala ka at sa hindi)... meet and made new friends and as far i know NO new enemy or something alike (if there is, "I am sorry.. peace yah!" :D)...

My life this year was like a wheel, a mixture ups and downs, but i was able to keep myself most of the time on top of everything. Maybe my downs for 2005 are the things that i should watch for 2006. According to a Personality Check that i took over the internet, i have the following Personality Disorder that i should watch out:

What the f**k is "SCHIZOID" i never heard of such a word. Nevertheless this Personality Check might be true to me in some point cause i really tried to answer this as honest as i can. Nonetheless, I think i know myself better than any Personality Check that there is.
Year 2006 is just around the corner and just like everyone else, am also dreaming of a more beautiful, fruitful and a happier life.
Happy new year to all and God Bless us!!!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Its been quiet this past two days in the office... (well not that quiet).. Some of the ALPA Team members already left for Manila last Sunday (Atlanta time)... For some of us that are still here, we're still working... doing the same daily routine that we are doing minus the four of them... But it will never be that long, the rest of the pack will be back in manila this coming weekend and some early next week. And i'm looking forward for so many things back in Manila... food, weather/temperature, friends, love ones, tagalog speaking people (hahaha konyo na ako di ako nagtatagalog hehe), simbang gabi (yahoo!!! pagdating ko di muna ako matutulog simba muna ako), etc...

Sigh.... patience is sick? or patience is in the hospital? (tama na cornick naman ako) wait for me manila!!!...


deybee... sino kamukha ko?

mike... grandpa (peace ya!)

gerald.. camera boy

marc... tagalog 101 student

jam and tin... bestprends??? mag sprite ka muna

hi i'm redge... and you are?

who are they?